Movie Review – This Beautiful Fantastic (2017)

This Beautiful Fantastic, 2017.

Directed by Simon Aboud.

Starring Jessica Brown Findlay, Jeremy Irvine, Andrew Scott, and Tom Wilkinson.


Bella Brown (Jessica Brown Findlay) harbours dreams of becoming a children’s author, but first she needs to get her living arrangements sorted after being threatened by the landlord due to the state of her back garden. Things aren’t made any easier thanks to the presence of her misanthropic neighbour (Tom Wilkinson), who’s never happier than when complaining.

The most English of dramas, quintessential you might say, This Beautiful Fantastic drifts along on the charm of its leads, blowing in the wind, making little impact beyond the chinking of bone china.

Simon Aboud’s film feels like the third episode in a six-part Sunday night ITV drama, with characters dropping in-and-out of the plot in charming fashion, before exiting with little desire to see them again, or find out what their story is.

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