David Soren interview: Captain Underpants six months on

Simon Brew Feb 15, 2018

Captain Underpants didn't earn billions, or lots of gongs. But it's one of the best animated films of 2017. We caught up with its director.

Criminally overlooked by most awards bodies, Captain Underpants remains one of the finest animated treats of the past few years. On its release in UK cinemas last summer too, it fell short of the box office totals of the completely shinotverygood The Emoji Movie, and couldn’t land too many gloves on franchise fodder such as Despicable Me 3.

And yet it’s brilliant. It was profitable, too, but not the huge blockbuster success this writer for one thinks it deserved to be.

What, then, does the man who directed it make of the last six months, and of the reception to the film? I contacted David Soren, and we had a chat…

I’m not sure how I’d feel if I were you,

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