Criterion in May 2018: Midnight Cowboy, Moonrise, Mishima and More

In the immortal words of Harry Nilsson, "everybody's talkin'" about Midnight Cowboy, the first X-rated movie to win an Academy Award. In fact, the film won three Oscars -- Best Picture, Best Director (John Schlesinger), and best adapted script (Waldo Salt). Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman were nominated, but lost out to John Wayne.  The film's rating was later revised to R, but it remains a potent portrait of America in the late 60s admidst a collision of naive optimism and hopeless cynicism. (My first impression of the film was, admittedly, permanently imprinted on my brain from a Mad Magazine parody.) And now it's coming to the Criterion Collection.  Midnight Cowboy is one of seven -- count 'em, seven! -- films due to arrive from...

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