The Last Word on ‘Wonder Woman’

Okay, before I get to everything else, what the hell is with these superhero movies like “Wonder Woman” rewriting history? Like-, c’mon- okay, alternative future, fine, I get that. Alternative parallel present world where now superheroes exists, okay, that I can get behind, but now both Marvel and DC, multiple times, are now taking superheroes into the past, and placing them in history. That is stupid. I don’t care how well it’s pulled off, the whole point of superheroes is that we’re imagining a fictional world in which there are now a group of people greater than humans exist in the world that are capable of amazing feats, that we can only imagine. When you put those characters in the past, we can’t imagine ’cause now they’re there and history would then be changed. Why would there be a world where World War II happened,

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