Berlinale: ‘Eva’ Review: Dir. Benoit Jacquot (2018)

Eva review: Isabelle Huppert reunites with director Benoit Jacquot for this pseudo-sexual noir-ish picture, an erotic thriller without much of the eroticism or indeed thrills.

Eva review by Paul Heath.

Eva review

We open in a rather swanky apartment overlooking a busy Metro line somewhere in Paris, an ageing English playwright discussing his latest completed work, which lies on the desk before him, to a young man – Bertrand Valade (Gaspard Ulliel, the French actor most widely known for his role as Lecter in Hannibal Rising). Valade is young and attractive and listens intently to the old man who eventually asks him to aid him in getting into a running bath. It becomes immediately apparent, after a sum of money is exchanged, that Valade is indeed a gigolo, there for a very specific purpose, and perhaps not for the first time. However, the old man suddenly dies after asking Valade to undress.

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