Canon Of Film: ‘Pleasantville’

In this edition of Canon Of Film, we look back at Gary Ross‘ directorial debut and instant classic, ‘Plesantville‘. For the story behind the genesis of the Canon, you can click here.

Pleasantville (1998)

Director/Screenplay: Gary Ross

As the nation heads towards another election shortly, the national debate has become strikingly philosophical. Phrases like “Family Values” and “The Role of Government” always come up, never has the divide, in my memory, been so drastic. It’s at times like these, that I find myself thinking about Gary Ross’s film ‘Pleasantville‘. Ross has one of the best resumes for someone with so few credits. Ross became known for co-writing the film ‘Big‘, which earned him an Oscar nomination, as did his second screenplay ‘Dave‘. He made the sports biopic, ‘Seabiscuit‘, the animated film “The Tale of Despereaux” and more recently, the ‘The Hunger Games‘ film as well as the Civil

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