Across the Mooniverse: is Mute a lost, 90s made Blade Runner sequel from another dimension or Button Moon The Movie on downers?

Author: Daniel Goodwin

Duncan Jones’ fourth feature, the long gestating twinkle in his eye/ pseudo Moon sequel Mute, is finally set to make its Netflix debut on Friday 23rd February. This British/German sci-fi production, filmed in Berlin, has been a passion project of Jones’ for some time and one that has careered from pipedream to planned and temporarily postponed. But when potent concepts flower within the minds of passionate artists they have a tendency to materialise in some form or another; whatever the cost. In Mute’s case, due to the evolution of online streaming triggering an industry metamorphosis, the film will mostly bypass cinemas* and arrive in the homes of Netflix subscribers on Friday 23rd February. What is known of the narrative is not much beyond a log-line with morsels extracted from myriad sources to form a patchwork understanding of what the story might be.

Prior to the

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