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Ben Babylon — A Musical Legacy in the Making

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

You may not know the name Guy Babylon but you definitelyhave heard him play. Babylon was the keyboardist with the Elton John band,recording and touring with the legendary musician for 21 years. When he died suddenlyin September of 2009, he left behind not only a musical legacy, but a wife, two sons and a daughter. The 53-year-old musician, composer and arranger also passed down hisincredible talent to his youngest child, then 11-year-old Ben.

We were fortunate to spend a bit of time with the young Babylon and his mother,Kathy, also a singer-songwriter. And we were excited to get a glimpse of atalented boy, who is clearly on the cusp of becoming an international sensation.

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

When we asked Kathy to tell us how she and Guy met, she recounted, “He wasworking with my brother at the time, and I came in to show them a song.

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