Anime Review: Genocidal Organ (2017) by Shuko Murase

Based on the homonymous, multi awarded novel by Project Itoh (nickname for the now deceased Satoshi Ito), “Genocidal Organ” was one of the most anticipated anime movies of the latest years, with its release being delayed for a couple of years, after the initial production company, Manglobe, declared bankruptcy.

Genocidal Organ is available from Madman Entertainment

The story takes place in 2022, a few years after Sarajevo was destroyed by a homemade nuclear bomb set up by terrorists, in a series of events that led the wealthy nations to up their security and surveillance measures to the highest degree, while the poorer countries have fallen victims to a series of genocidal civil wars. These latter events, however, seems to have an instigator behind them, a mysterious American named John Paul, since after each time he appears as a representative of his company for a consultation with a government, the corresponding country

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