Star Wars Has A Problem With Making Villains Who Die Like Punks Bad Ass

I've been reading the Star Wars expanded universe novel Phasma over the past couple days, and after making my way 2/3rds of the way through the book I've come to one conclusion...Phasma shouldn't, and couldn't have died like this:

One of the Scyre's fiercest warriors who has taken down numerous threats in her lifetime and been an expert of spear based combat since childhood was defeated by a comedic one-liner and a sucker punch? Also that armor is supposed to be wayyyyy more durable than Stormtrooper armor that shit isn't for show. 

Of course, we don't know Phasma is actually dead, and judging how Star Wars has handled characters like this in the past, Phasma will live on through properties outside of the film universe. For example...:

The most fearsome bounty hunter in the galaxy ladies and gentlemen. Of course, expanded universe fans know Fett survived, although we're

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