Remembering 'Family Ties' and How the Show Made Michael J. Fox a Star

The 1980s were a long time ago, and while Michael J. Fox is still so well known around the world, it may be difficult to remember just how big he really was. Think about it this way: his Classic TV sitcom Family Ties made its debut in 1982. Two years later, NBC introduced The Cosby Show, which became an absolute ratings sensation. Then the network placed Family Ties right behind that series, resulting in it becoming the second highest rated show on TV. Michael's comic brilliance caught the attention of producer Steven Spielberg and director Robert Zemeckis, and he was given permission from the show's creator, Gary David Goldberg, to shoot Family Ties during the day and the feature film Back to the Future at night. That film became the biggest moneymaker of 1985, turned the low budget Teen Wolf (shot earlier but released after Bttf) into a hit, and elevated the

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