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Hard Boiled (1992) by John Woo

Surely many will remember Hard Boiled as John Woo’s last film made in his native country (Hong Kong), as well as believing that Hard Boiled was some sort of letter of introduction to Hollywood. But today, that perspective has already changed, since in 2008 John Woo returned to his homeland to shoot Red Cliff (2008), and there he has stayed all these past years. Little can be said about Hard Boiled that hasn’t already been said, and this is something more than obvious: Hard Boiled puts most recent action movies to shame. Very few reach this level of spectacularity (The Raid 2 from 2014 for example), and this is not something coming from this particular movie, but from almost all of John Woo’s action films. See A Better Tomorrow (1986), The Killer (1989) or Bullet in the Head (1990) for example. John Woo has a unique vision and a unique mastery, and that

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