‘Rise’ reviews: Will NBC’s musical drama follow in the Emmy winning footsteps of ‘Fame’ and ‘Glee’?

After much anticipation, NBC’s musical drama “Rise” premieres on March 13. Based on Michael Sokolove‘s nonfiction book “Drama High” about a Pennsylvania high school’s theater program, the series hopes to follow in the Emmy winning footsteps of previous musical hits like “Fame” and “Glee.” And it has an impressive pedigree to back it up.

Rise” was created for TV by Jason Katims and Jeffrey Seller. Katims is best known for creating “Parenthood” and “Friday Night Lights”; the latter was also a high school drama based on a nonfiction book — though that one was about football instead of musical theater. That series earned its only Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series in 2011 for its fifth and final season, and Katims won an Emmy that year for writing the finale episode. Seller is also an award-winning producer, but for the stage. He’s a five-time Tony winner, including Best Musical

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