Gina Rodriguez on Annihilation's Connection to Time's Up: "We Had to Band Together"

Image Source: Everett Collection Here's a PSA for you: everyone needs to be paying more attention to Gina Rodriguez. While the Jane the Virgin actress has the talent of charming our television sets week after week, she also possesses something equally as powerful: the desire to make change. Yes, she's the star of a refreshingly diverse television show that doesn't use Latinx stereotypes, but did you know she's also directed an episode of Jane, a feat not many women, let alone women of color, can say they have on their résumés? Her social media accounts alone will inspire you to pick up a sign, not to mention her decision to wear a Time's Up pin to the SAG Awards in support of the women's movement that aims to end gender discrimination and mistreatment. The 33-year-old is subtly yet effectively using her platform for the better good of women everywhere. But

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