Interview: Showrunner Nick Antosca on Bringing Nightmares to Life in Channel Zero: Butcher’S Block

On Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, you can live in paradise... for a cannibalistic price. Last night on Syfy, viewers ascended the stairs to experience the finale of what has been a deliciously dark fairy tale of family relationships, socioeconomic divides, and guts... lots and lots of guts. To celebrate a season of ambitious storytelling (including two of the most unsettling scenes this writer has ever watched in any medium), I had the great pleasure of speaking with showrunner Nick Antosca to discuss this season's eerie Father Time entity, filming in Winnipeg (which is quickly becoming a new horror hub), working with visionary director Arkasha Stevenson, and the interconnected world where all of the Channel Zero seasons live.

Congratulations on Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, Nick. This season has truly disturbed me in the best possible way. The thing that stands out to me the most is the schizophrenia monster haunting Alice.

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