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Trailer Watch: A Volleyball Team Overcomes Tragedy and Defies Odds in “The Miracle Season”

“The Miracle Season”

“A lot of people are going to see this movie and think that a lot of it was dramatized for the sake of making a movie — and none of it is,” says Erin Moriarty in the final trailer for “The Miracle Season.” The underdog pic is based on a true story and sees the actress playing Kelley, the best friend of her volleyball team’s star player, Caroline (Danika Yarosh). When Caroline dies in an accident, Kelley doesn’t have much time to mourn — as the new captain of the team, it’s up to her to rally her teammates and lead them towards their second consecutive victory at the state championships.

Daunted by the pressure, Kelley is in need of a pep talk from her mom. “[Caroline] brought out your inner strength,” she observes. “You can’t bring out something that isn’t already there.”

Helen Hunt plays the team’s coach.

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