AMC Reveals Full Details For Their Insane 31-Hour McU Marathon

Hieronymus Bosch has got nothing on this particular hell.

To mark the release of Avengers: Infinity War, AMC is putting on a 12 movie McU marathon that begins on April 25th at 13:30 and ends 31 hours later at about 20:30 on the following day. The venues for this are just two theatres: AMC Empire 25 in New York and AMC Disney Springs 24 in Florida (a little disappointing for those on the West Coast).

Of course, this is a marathon for only the truly insane McU fans, sure to turn anyone that attends into a gibbering pile of flesh with bloodshot eyes and fists full of “marathon only collectibles.” Think Homer in that Treehouse of Horror episode where he gets to eat all the donuts… in the world!

Here’s the full schedule:

Iron Man (1:30pm), The Incredible Hulk (4:00pm), Thor (6:15pm), Captain America: The First Avenger (9:00pm), Marvel

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