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Blu-ray Review – Images (1972)

Images, 1972.

Directed by Robert Altman.

Starring Susannah York, Cathryn Harrison, Hugh Millais, Rene Auberjonois, and Marcel Bozzuffi.


A schizophrenic housewife has visions of different people in her life and starts to kill them off, not being sure if they are real or not.

Essentially, Images is a horror film from a director not normally associated with horror films. In fact, Robert Altman wasn’t really associated with any one genre in particular but was a director that managed to be successful when he did tackle something a little left field, and some of the best horror movies – or at least, some of the standout horror movies – have been made by filmmakers stepping away from expectations and trying something different. If nothing else, Images is a movie that taps into the fundamental nature of horror and how the things most familiar to us can often be the most terrifying.


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