Carissa's Corner: We Need to Talk about Our Reboot Problem

Before I launch into the main topic of this Carissa's Corner, I have a specific audience who needs to listen up.

Enough whining about the glory days of Criminal Minds with Hotch and Morgan. You guys are enough to drive a person to drink. The ship has sailed.

If you want characters to continually return and rehash old storylines, there are still soap operas on the air and they will never stop appealing to those of you who want to cry in your coffee.

There are also a plethora of comics shows airing willing to beat more dead horses than ever a horse has been seen in any comic, and hallelujah, you can watch reboots for even more miserable storylines that won't stay dead.

Speaking of reboots and revivals, we need to talk about them.

Isn't it strange that two of the most successful shows in years -- This Is

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