Backdraft 2 Locks in Apollo 18 Director, Shoots Next Month?

Is Backdraft 2 really happening? Sure sounds like it. Spanish director Gonzalo L&#243pez-Gallego has reportedly been tapped by Universal to direct the sequel to 1991's Backdraft. The original movie directed by Ron Howard and written by Gregory Widen was popular enough to get its own Universal Studios attraction, and now it's getting the sequel treatment. Kurt Russell's Lieutenant Stephen "Bull" McCaffrey famously didn't survive the first film, but William Baldwin's Brian McCaffrey did, and he's expected to return for the sequel, which is tentatively titled, Backdraft II.

A new report suggests that Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, best known for 2011 sci-fi thriller Apollo 18, has been tapped to direct the Backdraft sequel. Filming is reportedly set to begin in Romania and Toronto in April with William Baldwin reprising his role from the original 1991 blockbuster. Universal is rumored to keep the movie heavily tied to the original movie with references and characters returning.

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