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Redwood Promises More Skulls and Bones on DVD and Digital in the United Kingdom

Tagline: "Find Yourself Before They Find You." Tom Paton has released his second feature, Redwood. His first film was Pandorica, a post-apocalyptic thriller. In Redwood, Josh and Beth head out into a national park. They find strange characters and creatures in the bush. Redwood stars: Mike Beckingham (Subconscious, 2015), Nicholas Brendon (Coherence, 2015), Tatjana Nardone and Luke D'Silva. A trailer for the film was released in 2016. The latest United Kingdom distribution details are here. The trailer shows Josh (Buckingham) and Beth (Nardone) on a camping trip. They meet a strange Park Ranger, with stakes in his backpack. Later, they head off into the woods, only to find a gory spectacle. Will this camping trip ever end? The Redwood DVD and Digital release have only taken place in the UK. Though, Paton's first film did show in North America, on Amazon Instant. Also, Redwood had a showing at Frightfest, in London, in late 2017. Here,

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