Donut Media Sees Open Lane In $11 Billion Online Video Niche

The most popular video on Donut Media’s burgeoning YouTube channel sees two giggly grandmothers -- Audrey and Peggy -- taking a 650 Hp Lamborghini for a spin around Los Angeles. Passersby gawk at the adorable duo as they honk and wave, and even pick up a date in the supermarket parking lot along the way.

While two-year-old Donut is aiming to be the premiere millennial publisher for car enthusiasts -- a relatively niche category on YouTube today -- Two Grannies, One Lamborghini (6.1 million views) illustrates its prospective appeal beyond die-hard gearheads. “Ultimately, we don’t want to be known as a big car channel on YouTube,” co-founder and CEO Matt Levin tells Tubefilter, “but a big YouTube channel that happens to be about cars."

Donut’s broader ambitions are evident with just a cursory glance at its YouTube channel, which features many snackable formats that millennial viewers have come to

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