Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer aka The Unthinkable Scorches Sweden in this Full Length Trailer

A new trailer has been released for the Swedish, sci-fi film Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer. In English, the film is simply called The Unthinkable. This title was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and this was Sweden's biggest crowd funded feature, to date. Within the film, Alex returns to his childhood home. He hopes to reconcile with his father, in the midst of a mysterious attack. This title stars: Christoffer Nordenrot ("Blue Eyes"), Lisa Henni, Jesper Barkselius and Pia Halvorsen. The first, full length trailer is hosted here. The trailer shows a series of explosions, in the distance. Alex tries to orient himself, during the attack. Meanwhile, much of Sweden is burning, while security forces prepare to strike back. But, who is behind the chaos? The Unthinkable will be released, in Sweden, this Summer. This title is slated for a June 22nd release, in theatres. Hopefully, The Unthinkable will show in more territories,

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