The female Full Monty was brave, but do women always have to strip? | Barbara Ellen

The programme had fine intentions, but it is always dangerous to collude in our own sexual objectification, even for a good cause

The female version of television’s The Real Full Monty featured celebrities engaged in a tastefully executed charity striptease to raise awareness about breast cancer. The women, including Coleen Nolan, Victoria Derbyshire, Michelle Heaton, Ruth Madoc, among others, had either survived breast cancer, or been in some way affected by it, and I don’t have a single criticism of any of them. However, this doesn’t negate the wider point – that, arguably, unlike men, women can’t afford to get casually naked for a good cause.

It doesn’t matter that there was a male version of the same stunt for the simple reason that the world’s filter is not the same for both sexes. The Full Monty wasn’t even really about stripping – it was

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