A History of Short-Lived Shows That Tried to Premiere After ‘American Idol’

In its prime, “American Idol” was a show that made gold from pretty much everything it came in contact with on Fox. At the height of its power, it made household names out of the people sitting in the judges’ chairs and competing every week. It also saw ratings so astronomical that it became a coveted lead-in for a variety of shows. New series, returning favorites, and newly-minted hits all enjoyed the slot right after “Idol” on the Fox schedule, through its various seasons and placements.

“24,” The O.C.,” “Bones,” “Fringe,” “Glee,” and “Empire” all benefited from the “Idol” bump, either at the beginning of their runs or on their own respective ascents. And you could make the argument that shows like “Til Death,” “Lie to Me,” and even “Human Target” — shows that didn’t have mammoth success — still stayed on the air longer than they would have, were it

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