It Came From The Tube: Something Evil (1972)

While some directors learned their craft through thrift bare independent features, others came up through the TV divisions of studios; one such fellow, Steven Spielberg, would go on to have a fairly successful career with big screen projects. Before he would make that leap however, he started with episodic shows, and then onto TV films like Something Evil (1972), a fun ride that shows the kid knows his way around a camera. I’m glad things turned out okay for him.

Originally airing on January 21st as part of the CBS Friday Night Movies, Something Evil had the ABC Friday night juggernaut of The Odd Couple/Love, American Style to contend with, and posted Something Lesser in the ratings. Too bad, because even though Something Evil’s material, from the title on down, is paper thin, Spielberg whips up one hell of a wallpaper.

Crack open your faux TV Guide and

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