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MipTV: Patricia Andrade on Globo Women’s Epic ‘The Seamstress’

Cannes — “The Seamstress,” a Globo mini-series, sports a credit sequence which begins with a burnished brown cloth being sewn. The color is a reference to Brazil’s bone dry scrubland backlands in the North-East, the sewing to the occupation of two sisters, Emilia and Luzia, who grow up at a small homestead on the sertao with their doting aunt.

Emilia dreams of moving to the big city Recife; Luzia thinks she’ll die on the serrao, just fears losing Emilia the only person she has. Luzia is abducted by a local cangaceiro, a bandit, Hawk whom she falls in love with. Emily meets her Prince Charming, a rich city boy, moves to glamorous Recife, suffers loneliness as she realizes her husband is in love with another man.

Directed by Breno da Silveira but written by Patricia Andrade, “The Seamstress” is an intimate epic, charting two sisters’ dramatically different life journeys,

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