DVD Review – Terrifier (2017)

Terrifier, 2017.

Directed by Damien Leone.

Starring Catherine Corcoran, Jenna Kanell, Margaret Reed, David Howard Thornton, Michael Leavy, and Katie Maguire.


It’s Halloween night and a psychopathic clown terrorizes the streets, homing in on three young women.

A success on the festival circuit last year, Damien Leone’s Terrifier certainly hit at the right time, coming in the wake of the hugely successful It remake, although clowns have been a mainstay of horror movies for decades, from the possessed toys of Poltergeist to Sid Haig’s iconic Captain Spaulding character in House of 1000 Corpses and even the various incarnations of The Joker that have instilled a sense of fear and dread since the 1940s. One look at the posters and trailer for Terrifier tells you all you need to know about main antagonist Art the Clown and the type of film this is going to be, and, thankfully,

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