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eBay Removal Of Justin Cooper Photo Brings Scrutiny To Mystery Online Seller Of Child Actor Head Shots

Exclusive: eBay has removed an item for sale that included the Social Security number of former child actor Justin Cooper, best known for his Liar Liar role as the neglected son of the lawyer played by Jim Carrey. The removal came after inquiries from Deadline.

The listing was posted by a mystery seller who goes by the user name “love_heath,” who is eBay’s No. 1 purveyor of pictures of famous little boys. Some are as young as 7, and all of them were child actors. He claims to live in Canada and runs a website, which also goes by love_health, on which he says he will be “listing over 600 of these studio photos over the next couple of days.” His real name is unknown.

He’s currently selling more than 300 of them on eBay. They’re called “original studio agency photos” – old-school glossy 8×10 head shots of young boys, each

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