Review: ‘An Ordinary Man’ Finds Ben Kingsley Portraying a Warped Mind

Despite being someone known for family-friendly fare (Casper and A Series of Unfortunate Events), Brad Silberling was always the guy behind the under-rated Moonlight Mile to me. Beyond its sentimentality and contrivances, it cemented his name as one to follow. Besides 10 Items or Less, however, he career mostly shifted from film to television. I’ll admit I eventually forgot this name during the fifteen years since taking note, its appearance as writer and director of An Ordinary Man reminding me of the potential it held. Even so, I can’t say a film about a war criminal that appeared to want to shine a sympathetic light upon him sounded like it could ever legitimately work, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it did.

Ben Kingsley stars as “The General.” This is how we know him because it is how everyone else does too. Some say it with reverence while

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