From Wags to Riches: 9 of TV’s Most Famous Dogs (Photos)

From Wags to Riches: 9 of TV’s Most Famous Dogs (Photos)

Hollywood’s most famous dogs on TV

Giggy, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump’s Pomeranian, is perhaps one of TV’s most pampered pups, with his own personal chef and Twitter account. He has become such a fan favorite that he now makes his own red carpet appearances, rich owner in tow.

Gidget, the 12-pound chihuahua known for the ubiquitous catchphrase, “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” was propelled to stardom after landing the lucrative fast-food campaign in the late ’90s. She also starred as Bruiser’s mom in 2003’s “Legally Blonde 2” alongside Reese Witherspoon.

Brigitte, a five-year-old French bulldog “actress,” best known for her role as Stella on ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family,” won Best Dog in a Television Series at the inaugural Golden Collar Awards in 2012. Yes, that’s a thing.

Even though Sadie isn’t exactly a TV star, Oprah Winfrey‘s cocker spaniel has

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