Drive-In Dust Offs: Superstition (1982)

Shelf sitters aren’t always bad news in my eyes; take for instance Superstition (1982). This Canadian curiosity was filmed in ’81, released abroad in ’82, and finally washed ashore in North America in early ’85; it is by turns goofy, gory, dumb, and creative in its kills, and is a great addition to a sub-genre I’m just going to call Italiadjacent, where films from this side of the pond look to that side for aesthetical inspiration and end up with nonsensical storylines. And while Superstition tries to keep it together, it can’t help but let loose and summon up its inner Argento from time to time.

Also known as The Witch, Superstition was part of the U.K.’s notorious early ‘80s Video Nasties scene, but landed on the non-prosecutable Section 3 list, which I guess were films still really bad for you, but not “go to jail” bad for renting or selling them.

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