Justice League’s Ezra Miller wasn’t a fan of his Flash costume at first

Justice League actor Ezra Miller has revealed that he initially wasn’t the biggest fan of his Flash costume.

Superhero costumes are always a point of interest for ardent fans of specific heroes, eager to see just how the movies will interpret the famous suits of their favourite comic characters.

You will also often hear funny stories from the actors involved regarding the inconvenience of getting in and out of the costumes – normally involving trips to the bathroom.

Well, Ezra Miller is the latest to join the list, speaking alongside co-star and Cyborg actor Ray Fisher at Wizard World Portland this past weekend (via Cinema Blend), the actor said:

“What I say is that there’s a scale, and comfort/discomfort is one thing of the scale, and on the other hand is awesomeness. And the balance it takes towards awesomeness, you quickly stop thinking comfort/discomfort,” Miller said. “And it was actually,

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