Comics Corner: Penny Dreadful #9, Jughead: The Hunger #5, Deadman #6, Moonshine #9, Black Hammer: Age Of Doom #1, and More!

Hello, readers! Thanks for joining us, and on a good day, too, because today marks the one-year anniversary of Comics Corner! Headlining today's feature is the return of the Penny Dreadful comic series with Volume 2: The Beauteous Evil. Also: Jughead: The Hunger #5, Daredevil #601, Casper and Wendy: The Good Little Witch #1, the final issue of the Deadman miniseries, Moonshine #9, Curse Words #13, Diablo House #4, Gravetrancers #3, and Black Hammer: Age of Doom #1.

Penny Dreadful #9: "(W) Chris King (A) Jesus Hervas (CA) Tess Fowler

Continues the story directly after the shocking events of Penny Dreadful's season three finale!

In Shops: Apr 18, 2018

Srp: $3.99."

Penny Dreadful Volume 2: The Beauteous Evil is here and it's spectacular! For more details, go to Previews World on behalf of Titan Comics.


Jughead: The Hunger #5: "Welcome home, Jughead Jones! After months of being on the run as a fugitive, something brings our favorite hamburger eating

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