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Wonderful Trailer For The Film Ride which Tells the Inspiring True Story of BMX Rider John Buultjens

I've got a trailer here for you to watch for a great looking indie film called Ride. It co-stars Ludacris and it tells the true story of BMX rider John Buultjens from Glasgow, Scotland.

Buultjens, who is played by Shane Graham, was raised by a white supremacist family and he got into a lot of trouble growing up. He spent a lot of his youth locked away in a juvenile detention center. He eventually came under the care of a foster family, the father of which is African American. As they overcame the challenges of racism, they ended up forming a bond and in the process, John learned how to be one hell of a talented BMX athlete! 

The film tells a powerful story and it looks like it's actually a great film! Ever since I was a kid I've enjoyed the sport of BMX riding and it's cool to

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