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Lean On Pete – Review

Add another animal star to the ever-expanding movie zoo. Now make room Garfield and Benjy, ’cause he’s a big fella’, part of the equine film lineage. He’s not recreating a true sports legend like Seabiscuit or Secretariat. No, he’s a descendant of the fictional horses that have had special friendships with their human riders and trainers. It’s a long line going back to Black Beauty thru National Velvet and My Friend Flicka up to Casey’S Shadow and The Black Stallion (plus there’s the sidekick spin-offs such as My Pal Trigger). From the look of this film’s poster art, movie goers might think they’re in for a new version of the sentimental stories of the friendship between a boy and his “four-footed friend”. Well, hold on to the reins, because this tale’s got a curve more surprising than the twistiest of running tracks.

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