Theatre Review: ‘Bat Out Of Hell The Musical’ (West End)

Andrew Polec as Strat in Bat Out of Hell, credit Specular

Last year, a musical nearly fifty years in the making – Bat out of Hell: The Musical – finally made it onto the stage. Based on the songs by Jim Steinman, most of which were made famous by powerhouse vocalist Meatloaf, the show was met with open arms by fans during its initial run at the Colosseum. It was so beloved that, rather than be a limited edition run, its popularity has seen it make a welcome return to London, this time at The Dominion Theatre.

Bat out of Hell: The Musical is set in a future industrial wasteland known as Obsidian in the aftermath of an unspecified global tragedy. An odd side effect of this tragedy is that there is now a band of kids whom, due to a mutation, biologically freeze at eighteen, never growing any older. Headed up

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