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‘The Best People’ Review: The Best At Being The Worst

Weddings can make people do crazy things. The bride and groom have so much to worry about in the lead up to and during their special day that they can often turn to their best man and maid of honor, collectively known as "the best people," to offer assistance, run errands, and to rely on for emotional support. But what happens when the best people are, in fact, the worst people; people who would do anything to stop the wedding and break up the relationship of the betrothed? That is the basis of the new comedy, The Best People, which was a competition film at the recently wrapped 2018 Phoenix Film Festival, and played to very receptive audiences.

The Best People is the story of Anna (Anna Lieberman) and Claire (Claire Donald), sisters coming out of the tragic loss of their mother. Claire has come through the loss stronger, finding love

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