Farrah Abraham Throws Shade at 'Teen Mom Og' Producer Morgan J. Freeman During Exit Interview

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally vicimized by Farrah Abraham! The Teen Mom Og star gave her final interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky during tonight's reunion special, but she wouldn't go out without shading a few people in the process. Although she basically didn't talk about anything — her businesses, her dating life, and her relationship with her mom were all off limits — she did bring up producer Morgan J. Freeman and said she hoped to "get a better environment" because she's "choosing to live a different life." "I just feel proud of me standing up and just keeping in mind every other woman, every other experience, everybody who is in the Lgbtq community who has shared about me doing what is right, always trying to choose and make the right choices, navigating my life," she told Dr. Drew. "I'm happy that I didn't let people break me from my core,

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