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‘Live or Die in La Honda’ by Director Jeff Hammer

‘Live or Die in La Honda’ by Director Jeff Hammer

Review by Peter BelsitoBlake Baker receives a call from a past lover asking him to help find her missing brother. Once he arrives in La Honda, he learns the task is more dangerous than she led him to believe.

Jeff Hammer’s Live Or Die In La Honda delves into the world of film noir.

The film focuses on raw, powerful emotion, desire, hurt and comfort and the yearning for acceptance.

Ex-lovers Blake Baker, a former marine who has fallen comfortably into his new city life life of civilization away from foreign war and the roaring of gun fires and death screams of combat one day gets a phone call from ex-lover and also ex-marine Vic a vindictive, manipulative woman who knows how to play the strings of Blake’s heart asking for his help.

Blake is swayed by the ever charming Vic to leave his comfortable life in La

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