DeLorean Estate Sues Over Missing Back to the Future Payments

The estate of famed automaker John DeLorean has filed a lawsuit against Dmc Texas, a company that produces custom, made-to-order replicas of the iconic DeLorean automobile, over payments from Universal Pictures for the iconic 1985 classic Back to The Future. Sally DeLorean, John DeLorean's widow, filed a lawsuit in New Jersey federal court, stating that payments made by Universal Pictures, under a 1989 deal John DeLorean struck with the studio, were supposed to go to the estate, and not to Dmc Texas, which has no connection to John DeLorean and his original company, the DeLorean Motor Company. Here's an excerpt from the lawsuit below.

"On or about February 13, 2018, an attorney for the Estate wrote to Universal seeking to enforce Mr. DeLorean's rights under the Universal agreement. Universal responded by informing the Estate that a representative of Dmc Texas had informed Universal that it owned Mr. DeLorean's rights under the Universal agreement by virtue of the Settlement Agreement,

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