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Sci-Fi London 2018 Review – Precognition (2018)

Precognition, 2018.

Directed and written by Luke Tedder.

Starring Adam J. Bernard, Vanessa Russell, and Jessica Andrews.


In the near future, a man experiences terrifying visions of a past he can’t remember. His partner, who secretly works for a company that manipulates memory, attempts to uncover the mysteries surrounding them.

Exploring a nefarious world where memories cannot be trusted, Precognition is a thought-provoking sci-fi film with a good balance of concept driven plotting and action scenes. The low-budget pick for the Sci-Fi London film festival is a great example of original ideas backing up the story, and should appeal to fans of psychological thrillers in the sci-fi mold.

Concentrating on the near future technology of implanted memories and reality, the film follows James as he begins to experience visions of a woman he has never seen before. His wife, Samantha, secretly works for the organisation – named ‘Ripe technologies’ – that creates and manipulates memories.

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