Law & Order: Svu Season 19 Episode 19 Review: The Book of Esther

Amanda Rollins is my favorite character besides Benson herself.

So when I learned that  Law & Order: Svu Season 19 Episode 19 was going to be a Rollins centered episode, I was thrilled.

I didn't expect "The Book of Esther" to be quite so intense. My heart broke for Amanda when Esther died and again when she learned that, in a cruel twist of fate, she had fired the fatal bullet.

Kudos to Kelli Giddish for a powerful Law & Order: Svu performance!

If there's one thing I wish we'd got out of this story and didn't, it's the reason why Amanda got so involved.

She's passionate and hard-headed and often goes too far in the pursuit of justice, but Fin wasn't the only one who noticed this seemed personal for her.

I was wracking my brains during the commercials trying to figure out what was driving Amanda's fury.

Was it just seeing how

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