Law & Order: Svu Season 19 Episode 20 Review: Guardian

I've been waiting all season for a Fin-centered story.

Law & Order: Svu didn't seem the same without Fin's wisecracks, sense of justice, and insistence on working cases his way.

For some reason, he's been in the background throughout most of Law & Order: Svu Season 19.

But Law & Order: Svu Season 19 Episode 20 more than made up for the long wait.

The case Fin dealt with had so many twists and turns that I questioned how realistic it was.

I know that people who are dealing with poverty, racism, and whatever else Malik and Tiana were dealing with sometimes get desperate, but the things Malik was doing seemed to be more and more over the top as time went on.

His attempt to kill the sister who had been nothing but loyal to him seemed like too much to me, even if it did wake Tiana up.

Benson: So Malik trafficked his mother too?

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