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Interview: Writer/director Jane Foster talks ‘Gracie’

In his latest interview/podcast, host Stuart Wright talks to writer/director Jane Foster about her directorial debut Gracie, which is out now and available via Amazon Instant Video:

2am. In the grip of despair, Gracie, (29) climbs the railings of Waterloo bridge, intending to jump, and kill herself, but desperate though she is, she just can’t do it. So she stares out over the river, in the depths of misery, not wanting to live, and wonders what next? Meanwhile, a Man arrives on the other side of the road, and unseen, quietly shadows her, but when Ellie, (17), runs headlong onto the bridge and up to Gracie, screaming for help, in fear for her life from a another Man who’s chasing her, he does nothing. Shocked out of her misery, Gracie grabs Ellie, and they run into the back streets,

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