A Wizard's Tale review – wasp-waisted princess misreads the feminist memo

Lily Collins’ spoilt heroine simpers through this muddled tale of hipster balloons, magic portals and predatory Christmas trees

The film-makers behind this noisy, brain-frazzling kids’ animation have evidently read the memo that it’s no longer Ok for passive princesses to wait around until a lunk of a prince charges over the horizon to rescue them. But evidently they are still processing the information, since A Wizard’s Tale monumentally misses the point with a princess who does decide that the patriarchy won’t keep her down – but only after an hour of some pretty hardcore simpering.

A Mexican-British co-production, the film is based on Here Comes the Grump, a short-running series on NBC in the late 60s. Ian McShane is the voice of The Grump, a grouchy old wizard who has been terrorising the land of Groovynham since a girlfriend broke his heart in his days as an idealist young sorcerer.

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