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Bob Newhart Reveals If He's Willing to Do a Reboot of 'Newhart' (Exclusive)

Roseanne and Will & Grace are back, but don’t expect to see a Newhart reboot. "That would be a death wish," says Bob Newhart. "My wife would kill me!" Still, the 88-year-old comedic legend recently reunited with co-stars Julia Duffy and William Sanderson for The Paley Center for Media and Hulu’s A Newhart Celebration in La. And it turns out the classic 1982–1990 sitcom was just as much fun to make as it was to watch. "I would go home at night and tell my husband not to say anything funny because my stomach muscles hurt so much from laughing all day," recalls Julia. Bob and his wife at The Paley Center for Media. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Bob knew he had a tall order when he set out to make a follow-up to The Bob Newhart Show (1972 to 1978), which had cast him as the befuddled Dr. Bob Hartley. He

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