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‘Hooligan Escape: The Russian Job’ Review

Stars: Ali Bastian, Guy Faulkner, Charlie Wernham, James Tratas, Ben Freeman, Denis Khoroshko, Ryan Winsley, Cheryl Burniston, Kate Parnell, Oleg Hill, Michael Elkin, Kevin Mathurin, Taryn Bishop | Written and Directed by Nicholas Winter

France 2016 the European Cup. A group of English football hooligans are chased down and cornered by their vicious Russian rivals in a local cafe. A violent fight ensures between the two groups, which ends up with one of the Russians being killed after he is stabbed.

Russia 2018 the World Cup. The group are embroiled in trouble again and find themselves locked up in a Russian cell. Frustrated at first because they are missing the football, but they soon learn that things are about to get worse and they are going to stay here for long. After being recognised be a corrupt prison guard, they are gassed, kidnapped and taken to a secure derelict warehouse, where is seems

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