All 34 of Stan Lee's Cheeky Cameos in Superhero Movies

Watching a Marvel movie is like a game of Where's Waldo these days, except instead of a bespectacled man in red and white stripes, you're on the lookout for a comic-book legend. That legend of course is Stan Lee, creator of some of our favorite superheroes and arguably one of Marvel's best easter eggs.

While Lee has made cameos in countless Marvel movies and TV series, as well as non-Marvel shows and films, his most memorable appearances are in Marvel live-action superhero movies dating back to the very first Hulk film in 1989. Here's every Lee cameo yet, with the exception of the Deadpool trailer, which, while hilarious, wasn't from the movie.

Also, fair warning: there are many Hulk and Spider-Man films on this list. Keep in mind Marvel's been through its fair share of Peter Parkers and Bruce Banners, and Lee has met them all.

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