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6 Times Ryan Reynolds Killed It in a Genre Movie

This week marks the second coming… no, not of That savior, but rather Wade Wilson—aka The Merc with a Mouth—in Deadpool 2, (read our review here), the highly anticipated sequel starring Ryan Reynolds. For his entire career, Reynolds has become synonymous with his sardonic and sassy sense of humor, which this writer has enjoyed watching throughout the decades in films like Van Wilder, Waiting…, Just Friends, The Proposal, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and more. But for me, what’s been even more interesting to watch is whenever Reynolds ventures over into the realms of horror and science fiction, as the results have been fascinating, to say the least.

With Deadpool 2 set to take over theaters everywhere this weekend, I thought this would be a perfect time to celebrate six different genre-related performances from Reynolds, who has made a career out of making some bold

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